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Founded in 2019, Kids Reviewed was startedd by moms passionate about child development. As new parents, we were overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from when it comes to baby products and kids’ toys. As such, we wanted to put together useful guides for all new parents unsure about what product is best, according to your specific needs (and budget!). Kids Reviewed is a site run by parents, for parents. No big corporation, just a small group of moms and dads!

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Why Trust Us?

A large concern when it comes to product reviews is whether they are really honest and genuine reviews. Do we get paid to publish a good review? No ways! We don’t accept any payment from the brands we review, nor do we tailor our opinion to suit them. Good or bad, we say it like it is!

Just like you, we’re also parents who once relied on other reviews to guide our buying choices. Frustrated by fake reviews or websites clearly run by people who don’t even have children… we set out with the mission to change that narrative and make a positive change.

Rest assured, all of our opinions and ratings of products are always our own. Added to this, we also encourage readers to comment and share their personal opinions on all of our articles too. Praise or criticism, we’d love to hear it regardless!

How We Select Our Products

While we include a lot of our own opinion of a product in our reviews, we try to keep this balanced by also looking at other factors like what other consumers have to say as well as keeping a close eye on industry trends and any new kids on the block (excuse the pun!).

How We Make Money

We love transparency and prefer to be upfront and honest about how we make money from the site. While we run this site out of passion and personal interest, we also have to keep the lights on. That’s just life, right? We decided that instead of running spammy ads all over the site, we’d sign up as an Amazon Associate instead. This means we earn a small commission from some of the products you’ll find when clicking on our “Buy Now” buttons. All of them are clearly marked with the Amazon logo, so there’s no trickery or fooling you into purchasing anything you don’t want to. If you’d like to support us, please do make your purchases via one of these buttons – it really helps us to keep doing what we love!

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Our Team

Layla Denise

The brainchild of Kids Reviewed, Layla is a mom to three gorgeous kiddos. More than ‘just’ a mom, Layla also has a degree in Child Development. Some of her qualified areas include Cognitive Studies, Early Childhood or Elementary Education, Human and Organizational Development, and Special Education.

Paige Carter

Paige Carter is a mom of two. She studied digital marketing and social media management. She has also worked in a kindergarten for the past 6 years. Paige loves working at Kids Reviewed because she gets to enjoy both her passions

Paige and Kids
Claire and Lenny

Claire Martinez

Single mom to son Lenny, Claire is a qualified yoga instructor and artist. She loves painting and all things creative. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Claire shares her knowledge and skills with us.

Garret Taylor

Dad to adorable Esme, Garret is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys cycling, running, and ball sports. Garret is also a little league coach and loves writing reviews on all things finess-based!

Garret and Esme
Samuel and Wyatt

Samuel Baker

Samuel Baker knows everything there is to know about DIY. You will either find him with his son camping in the woods or building his next project. He is a carpenter and cabinetmaker by trade but also has an incredible writing ability. His knowledge with all things ‘hands-on’ makes him an expert on all things outdoors.

Want to get in touch?

Interested in joining the Kids Reviewed team? Perhaps you have a suggestion or question for us? We’d love to hear from you! Visit our contact page to get in touch!

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